Welcome to KnitNights!

Every item is completely unique and hand knit by night with love and high quality yarns.

It would be a great gift for yourself or someone else who appreciates chic, hand-made accessories.

KnitNights is handknit by  Maria Vas, a young Greek Architect living in The Netherlands.
It is all about my personal love for handmade, quality things and my passion for the process of creation.
I am fascinated by complex patterns and the possibilities of creating intricate and beautiful shapes.
It is a such challenge to always make something new and original.

Some basic accessories are ready to ship, whereas others are custom made to your wishes. All prices upon request.
If you see an item which you would like to have in a different pattern or colour, do not hesitate to discuss the possibilities.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you want a custom order at:

info (at)




by Maria Vas